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Why Should Not You Use Bleach To Clean Your Roof?

Bleach To Clean Your Roof

The materials used for roofing are often porous. Without regular maintenance, foam or lichen may appear. A solution long used by individuals to get rid of it was to clean the roof with bleach. But it is a solution to banish. Although it has the advantage of being efficient and fast, it has too many long-term disadvantages. The roof is an essential part of a house . It must therefore be properly maintained with suitable products . There is no point using bleach for quick pickling of the roof. The savings will be ridiculous next to the risks you will run to your roof.

Clean your roof with bleach: a bad idea

When moss or lichen have invaded a roof, it is very important to carry out a cleaning to remove them. In fact, they may make the materials more porous or crack them, which would increase the humidity of the roof and promote infiltration. The thermal insulation provided by the roof is also threatened by the presence of foam.

Cleaning your roof with bleach is a radical solution. It gives results very quickly. However, any building professional will not recommend the use of this product for several reasons:

  • it will increase the porosity of tiles or slates because the bleach will also attack and remove the protective layer on these materials;
  • it will damage all the metal parts of the roof and the gutter through which it will flow. Indeed, bleach is an oxidizing product;
  • it can damage your garden and especially your lawn if it falls on it when rinsing the roof;
  • it only repairs the consequences without addressing the causes of the problem.

The recommended solutions for cleaning a roof

If there is foam or lichen on the roof of your house, the first thing to do is contact a professional. It is possible to maintain your own roof. But an individual does not have the necessary equipment or the experience and expertise that a specialist has acquired throughout his training and career.

The roof of a house should be treated with care because it is a founding element of the construction. Without a good roof, the frame can be attacked by moisture and all the foundations of the house are exposed. A roof also plays a vital role in thermal insulation.

Before cleaning a roof on which lichen or foam has appeared, a professional will check its tightness and the absence of degradation on the materials that compose it. It will then proceed to the cleaning of the foam or lichen with the spraying of a suitable product. Then, it will proceed to the waterproofing of the roof. This last step is essential to prevent the reappearance of moss or lichen.