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What Is The Origin Of Leaks On The Roof?

the origin of leaks on the roof

he roof of a house can be considered as the most fragile element in the face of various external aggressions such as weather, mushrooms … It can then no longer play its role of insulator and let moisture penetrate your home. This will have consequences on your comfort of life and also on your energy bills. A damp house is a source of mold on the walls, heat loss and condensation. This therefore leads to additional heating costs.

A roof is weakened when cracks appear. They will cause leaks in the roof. A technique can prevent and avoid these inconveniences. This is the roof waterproofing . This operation consists of:

  • check the general condition of the roof to verify its watertightness (if necessary to replace damaged and / or cracked materials);
  • clean the roof in its entirety;
  • apply a water-repellent product on the entire roof.

It is strongly recommended to entrust the realization of this operation to professionals. This will allow you to have a roof protected for 10 years against a year, if you opt for products from DIY stores for example.

Roof leaks: the causes

The origin of cracks and roofing leaks can be multiple. Some of the most common causes include:

The porosity of the materials

The weather and the passing years will weaken the materials (tiles, slates …) that make up the roof. They will become more porous and allow moisture to settle. This will then cause deformations of the roof as well as cracks. The water will be able to engulf and allow moisture to penetrate into your home with all the inconvenience associated with: condensation, mold, heat loss …

The mushrooms

The fungi proliferate at the level of the roof when it is wet. They will infiltrate between the materials and thus cause micro-cracks through which moisture will be able to settle. They will also participate in the deformation of the roof.

The vegetation

Moss, lichen and algae can also attack the roof of your home and cause leaks in the roof. Their roots will fit between the tiles and the slates and thus cause cracks that will be the front door of the roofing leaks.

Like fungi, plants appear when moisture has settled. If they are present before waterproofing, deep cleaning of the roof should be carried out. There is no point in applying a water-repellent product to a sick roof. It is essential to clean the materials first before removing the product.

Waterproofing of the roof can be carried out in a preventive way to avoid the appearance of all these inconveniences.