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Ways To Montize Or Website

Ways To Montize Or Website

If you have a blog, it is possible to generate income through it. Although living from his blog is not given to everyone and requires a significant investment in time, making money with his blog is a very realistic option.

Indeed, if you want above all to share your passion and incidentally you make a little money, several options are available to you to monetize your blog or website.


The most obvious way to make money with your blog is to put banner ads. You will be paid based on the number of clicks on the ad. For maximum performance, it is advisable to choose image type ads and place them at the top of the page. If you have a fairly targeted blog, you can also contact brands directly to better choose your advertising partners. Alternatively, you can sell your advertising space via an advertising agency. A solution particularly suitable for big blogs.

Disadvantage: a blog saturated in advertising loses credibility. Advertising should be avoided for example if your blog accompanies the site of your company.


You can also monetize your blog by placing links to shops on your site, the most common being Amazon links. Make sure you have a link related to the theme of the blog, this will be the case especially if you spontaneously talk about a product and you decide to apply for an affiliation with the brand in question. You can go through an affiliate platform like or contact the brands directly.

Disadvantage: this system is not very profitable for the blogs having little visibility, but it can constitute a supplement of important income according to the notoriety of your blog.


This is how professional bloggers generate most of their income. The blog is then a platform offering visibility to their work. We can sell high value-added articles, ebooks, training, products via an online store or know-how (such as blogging or community management skills). The blog thus helps to gain credibility in the sector and open up professional opportunities. Some bloggers also offer users to donate via PayPal, which can reward a high quality blog and help launch. The account is usually deleted when the blog has achieved some financial success, to leave the chance to other novice bloggers.