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Various pregnancy hormones that you need to have an idea about

Various pregnancy hormones

Though HCG along with estrogen are the common hormones that are involved in child birth and help to prepare your body for pregnancy. But there are some other hormones that perform both pregnancy and non-pregnancy functions. Let us study them in details and understand their functions


This hormone has a huge role in sexual reproduction along with social bonding that has an important role to play during child birth and pregnancy. This hormone is present through the course of pregnancy and their presence during the starting stages of pregnancy points to the emotional bonding between a mother and a baby. When it comes down to the starting stages of labor, a contraction of the uterus is experienced by the rising levels of this hormone. In the last stages of pregnancy the function of this hormone would be to keep the uterus so as the placenta is being pushed out of the uterus. The blood vessels are closed which are being attached to it and the uterus is bound to get back to its old size. When higher levels of this hormone are found both in the mother and the baby it does increase mutual attachment. In this stage the emergence of the hormone beta endorphin that also goes by the name of let-down reflex encourages the breasts to start producing more and more milk.


This is the time where the body starts to loosen up. This hormone is present in your body throughout the course of pregnancy but at much lower levels. But when does relaxin peak during pregnancy and the answer to it would be the starting phase of your pregnancy. At this stage it does help the implantation along with the growth of the placenta and any form of preterm birth is prevented by the contraction of the uterus. This hormone also regulates the renal and cardiovascular systems that help your body for childbirth by loosening of the cervix along with the vagina.When relaxin peaks in pregnancy and if it is a higher level then it could spell out some major problems during the course of your pregnancy. It could also mean an inflammation and pain or it could pave way for your feet much bigger as well.


This hormone also goes by the name of milk production hormone. Their main function is that which tends to increase by10 to 20 times during the course of pregnancy is to enhance milk production. It is undertaken by preparing the breasts for lactation. Once the baby is being born, the levels of prolactin tend to increase and the rise in this hormone levels ensure better milk production on all counts. But to maintain the levels of prolactin, along with the production of breast milk, ideally you would need to pump or breastfeed. Both of these actions are going to stimulate the production of milk whereby the milk glands are encouraged to produce more and more milk as well.