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Top 10 Most Important Features of C Language

C is a structured programming language developed in 1973 by computer programmer Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories. It is one of the oldest programming languages in the world and used even today in colleges and universities around the world to introduce students to computer programming.

C is one of the most powerful programming languages because of its high-level abstraction, structure, and the fact that it is machine-independent. C was first developed with the UNIX operating system and shares much in common with UNIX, which still remains a widely used operating system, and forms the core of the internet data superhighway. C Language Program is extensively used in Computer Technology. C is also an inspiration for development of other languages. We can use C for different purposes. Below are some of the Features of C Programming –


C Programming provides low level features that are generally provided by the Lower level languages. C is closely related to Lower level Language like “Assembly Language“. It is simpler to write assembly language codes in C programming.


C is a simple language in the sense that it provides structured approach (to break the problem into parts), rich set of library functions, data types etc.C is well- known for its simplicity and is easy to use because of its structured approach. It has a vast collection of keywords, operators, built-in functions and data types which make it efficient and powerful.


C is a powerful language in the sense that it offers following features-
 Provides Wide verity of ‘Data Types‘
 Provides Wide verity of ‘Functions’
 Provides useful Control & Loop Control Statements


C Programs are portable which means they can be run on any Compiler with Little or no Modification. Compiler and Preprocessor make it Possible for C Program to run it on Different PC.


C is also used to do low level programming. It is used to develop system applications such as kernel, driver etc. It also supports the feature of high level language. Hence, it is commonly referred as mid-level language.


It supports the feature of dynamic memory allocation. In C language, you can free the allocated memory at any time by calling the free () function.


Modular programming is a software design technique that increases the extent to which software is composed of separate parts, called modules. C Program contains different Modules that are integrated together to form complete program.


C Programs can be manipulated using bits. We can perform different operations at bit level. We can manage memory representation at bit level. For example, we can use Structure to manage Memory at Bit Level. It offers huge variety of bit manipulation Operators. We have bitwise operators to manage Data at bit level.


C provides a lot of inbuilt functions that makes the development fast.


C is super-fast. The compilation and execution of programs is much faster on C than with most other languages.C is popular not just because it can be used as a standalone programming language, but also as it can be used as an interface to other more visual languages.

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