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Tips to Have a Pet-Friendly Home That is Warm and Stylish

Many homeowners think that pets and stylish home don’t go together. But an open mind, and a few home decor tricks are the key to a successful home decoration that makes everyone happy. You don’t need to sacrifice style or the comfort of your dog, cat or guinea pig in order to have a fascinating home – just choose the right materials.

BATHE AND GROOM YOUR PET. Keeping your pet clean will keep your space cleaner. Trim your pet’s nails if you don’t want to see your upholstery or floors scratched. Regularly bathing and brushing removes loose hair before it ends up on your bed, curtains, throw pillows and floor. By doing this, you won’t need to wash your rugs and furniture every week.

VACUUM REGULARLY. Vacuum pet hair off the sofa and chairs at least twice a week. When your pet is shedding, you may need to vacuum on a daily basis. Did you know that pet hair has an odor and it contains an oil that will attract dirt on any material on which it sits?

CHOOSE HARD SURFACE FLOORS. If you have a pet, bare floors are the best solution for your home. But, bare doesn’t have to be boring too! Painted concrete floors are durable and look fascinating, as are brick and terrazzo. Hardwood floors add a warm glow to a space and are simple to vacuum and mop. But remember that large dogs can scratch wood. The best floor type is ceramic tile floor because it is resistant and easy to clean. Plus, it makes a room look elegant and sleek and gives furry pets a cool place to nap during the hot days.

DON’T ADD BREAKABLE KNICKKNACKS IN YOUR HOME DECOR. Pets and fragile items don’t mix. One swat of your cat’s paw or bat of a dog’s tail will send your expensive decorations skittering across your room. So, if you have such decors put them where your lovely fluffy animal won’t trip over them. For instance, you can display them in a cabinet with glass-panel doors.

USE STAIN-RESISTANT FABRICS. Forget velvet, chintz or silk. Use fabrics that are resistant to stains, bacteria, muddy paws and smells. Leather is a fantastic choice, durable and easy to clean.

DON’T BUY EXPENSIVE RUGS. You can use rugs, but buy inexpensive designs. Unlike carpet, rugs can be thrown out, or picked up and cleaned. If you have an expensive rug that you truly love, then you can hang it on the wall where your pet can’t reach it.

GET SOME PET FURNITURE. To avoid getting scratches on your expensive furniture pieces, then you should get a chair or small bed for your pet. For instance, cat trees are amazing idea and so are cat scratchers. Get a lovely bed for your dog, so he doesn’t have to sleep in the same bed with you.

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