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The Various Applications and Uses of Concrete Epoxy Coatings

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Epoxy coating is a durable coating used in various purposes. Epoxy coatings are strong adhesives that act as durable and long-lasting paints for metals and floors. This coating results from generation of chemical reaction with the use of polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. Epoxy coating is generated through the process of curing. The entire process of curing may take few minutes or even several hours which turns liquid epoxy coating into a strong and durable coating. Since this type of coating may produce substance which is strong, durable and chemical resistant, it has a variety of applications.

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All throughout the industrial plants and commercial region, you will find the use of epoxy coating. The most popular use of epoxy coating is its usage in coatings and paints. The kind of coating is popular because it features strength, quick drying. It is a great protective coating for floors and metals. When compared to heat cured powder coating, epoxy coating is much easier to apply and maintain. If you are planning to use concrete epoxy coatings for floors, you must know about its chief applications and uses.

Epoxy Concrete Coating and Its Use for Floors

You may use concrete epoxy coatings for floors to create durable and attractive floors. It has a vast industrial, commercial application and is used widely in retail and commercial stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, showrooms, hospitals, airport hangars, garages, etc. Whether it is floor paint or use of epoxy coating, the end result is highly decorative floor that is glossy. The coating is available in different styles and colors. Some of the decorative options available in the epoxy coating include chip flooring, terrazzo flooring, and aggregate flooring. The best part of using concrete epoxy coating is that it offers chemical resistant floor which is easy to clean and maintain. Whether the concrete floor is old or new, you may apply it.

The Floor Paint Applications of Epoxy Coating

Durable epoxy floor coating has paint applications as well. To create attractive and durable floors for industrial and commercial areas, you may use this coating. These are available in various styles and colors; epoxy coating makes the floor more functional. Epoxy is an attractive flooring material which begins as liquid flooring polymer and gets converted into a solid state through chemical reaction. It is due to the change of state from liquid to solid, the coating is chemically resistant and mechanically strong. This coating can also be used as the vapor barrier on concrete slabs or foundations in various constructions.

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The Working Mechanism of Epoxy Coating

When it comes to concrete epoxy coatings, it has two different components, namely, hardeners and resins. The former is dark in tone and has strong ammonia like smell and characteristics. The resin component, on the other hand, is clear, odor free and light in nature. When you mix both the components, a chemical reaction will take place during the coat application process. It is due to this chemical reaction that the coating becomes tough and almost like plastic material. Such a floor coating is chemical resistant, durable, and waterproof in nature. You may avail the coats in either a singular coat or in double coat variety. If you want faster installation and completion of floor, you can choose one coat application system. But, the two-coat floor results to a secure application which is preferred by many. Two-coat application restricts the development of crack and holes. So, in future, there will be no waterproofing or durability issue. With the use of roller, the coating may be applied.

Apart from the flooring application, concrete epoxy coatings have several other uses. It may be used for adhesives, corrosion resistant coatings, metal coatings, and in the electrical system components. The coating is fabulous owing to heat resistance, chemical resistance, and the fact that it is an excellent adhesion.

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