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Special Food Items in Delhi No Foodie Should Miss Out

Food and entertainment are two of the biggest pillars on which the success of a trip rests. It is crucial to try the local dishes of a tourist destination on your visit. If you are planning on visiting Delhi soon, do not forget to try out these top 5 dishes in the city at least once.


You can consider parathas to be a staple food item for every North Indian. The sheer number of varieties for parathas that you can get so easily in Delhi is what makes it so special. The paratha, also known as the stuffed bread is available with green, red chutney or tomato ketchup at almost every joint in Delhi. Some of the popular varieties of parathas that you must try in Delhi include the Aaloo paratha, pyaaz paratha as well as the paneer paratha. You can also find unconventional chocolate, vanilla as well as butterscotch parathas at popular restaurants in Delhi.

Delhi Chat

The Delhi chat is the most famous Delhiite item that is available almost throughout India. However, the most lip-smacking and masaledaar Delhi chat is available only on the food street in Delhi. The chat includes several items like samosas, vadas, as well as fried rice. You can taste the famous Delhi chat for dirt cheap prices at a decent restaurant anywhere in Delhi.


The Biryani is by far the most famous South Indian cuisine that is enjoyed by Indians everywhere. You can get different types of Biryanis at restaurants in Delhi. However, if you are a non-vegetarian you must try the Chicken or egg biryani at a Dhaba to enjoy the real taste of North India. Delhi also serves the needs of a vegetarian public by offering Paneer Biryani.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is the most popular main course dish for all the Delhiites. However, you can also avail Chicken Tikka as a starter dish or a snack roll. An alternative to Chicken Tikka are the Paneer Butter Masala and Paneer Tikka items for the vegetarian customers.

Chole Bhature

While in Delhi, you must try Chole Bhature from a local street vendor at least once. However, make sure that this street vendor follows the norms of a healthy and hygienic cooking environment. Chole Bhature is commonly available with a salad and Masala Chaas (buttermilk) for a wholesome and cheap meal.

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