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Ronald Ozer Explains why Anime is so Appealing for Most of the Creative World

Explains why Anime is so Appealing for Most of the Creative World

Anime is a Japanese word that is used to refer to all animation. Since decades anime has been produced in Japan with a unique look and feel. But now it has become an international phenomenon that attracts millions of people and is often translated in to various languages.

Ronald Ozer: The Anime Expert

Ronald Ozer is a huge anime fan who says that it is completely different from American cartoons and the ones that can be found in the daily papers. The styles in anime may range from showy and unusual to the simple and basic ones. However, it is important to note that anime is not at all like cartoon in spite of the popular belief held by most of the people. Anime is basically a form of art with emotional, in depth and complicated storylines.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that explain why anime is considered to be so appealing for most of the people:

  • Most of the anime shows use unique art styles that incorporate colors in vibrant and beautiful ways. It is said that people who are exposed to different colors all the time can have a positive impact on the mood. Even though all anime do not have the bright colors as some may contain dark colors but irrespective of what colors have been used you can be rest assured that the colors are sure to uplift your mood.
  • Anime can be of great educational help as it allows the audience to learn for about the culture and tradition of Japan. Even by watching the Japanese version with English subtitles you can learn single words and phrases in Japanese.
  • In order to get into anime you must have good imagination. This is because most of the anime showcase irrational notions and alternate creations that cannot be seen in reality.
  • In spite of the impractical nature of most anime, most of the shows explain viewers a lesson or discover the main thematic problem vital to human life.
  • Among the various core concepts discussed in anime, friendship is considered to be the most common one. Most of the shows emphasize on friendship.
  • Whenever you feel terrible or don’t feel like dealing with anything and anyone; then anime can come to the rescue. Anime has various types of genres, some of which are more happy-go-lucky type, sci-fi, or serious than others. So, you can easily find something that can inspire you with hope, or something to uplift your mood.
  • The most interesting thing about watching anime is that it can surprise you very often that can be for the better or for worse.

These are some of the reasons that explain why people prefer watching anime over cartoons.

Ronald Ozer is a law student from California who apart from having interest in anime loves to take part in sports and is a great fan of LA Chargers. He also has interest in computers and technologies.

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