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Quirky Dine-Out Places in The Heart of Greater London Every Adventurer Must Try Today

Has the festive season awakened the quirkiness in you? Are you looking for an experience that is unique and adventurous? These restaurants offer some of the unique flavours of global cuisines. They are each unique in theme, hospitality and seating.

These greater London restaurantsoffer excellent dining experiences. Here is a concise list of the newest quirky restaurants from the city that you must try before crowds find out about them!

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Drawing inspiration from Forrest Gump, this restaurant has a crazy good take on the conventional grilled steaks and even the jambalaya. The interior looks just like its Alabama counterpart. The restaurant is mainly known for their crustacean creations that Bubba would be proud of!


Let us start with the rather menu staples including kangaroo meat, wildebeest and crocodile meat! If you are feeling rather adventurous, do not miss out the python Carpaccio. The pan-fried crickets add the necessary buzz to Archipelago’s regular menu. Add to this the Golden Buddha statuettes and the dwarf palms. The archipelago is indeed one of the quirkiest on our lists.

Bel Canto

The opera-themed eatery is Hyde Park’s crowning jewel. It serves the finest French cuisine in the locality at the most pocket-friendly rates. Along with astute waiting skills, the waiters have mastered the skill of opera singing. All the goodies come with opera classics. This place is all about the complete exaltation of all five senses.


The interior of the Circus might look like a scene out of Black Mirror, thanks to celebrated interior decorator Tom Dixon. This futuristic looking restro has a functional bar, modern kitchen and services, along with surprise performances. If you want to enjoy your dinner with some of the best circus acts and cabaret acts in town, be sure to book your tables in advance at The Circus.

The Piano Works

Dig into your sliders, ribs and steaks at this quirky and fun restaurant in the greater London area. The Piano Works experience includes a live jukebox, live music performances and entertainment bonanzas every evening. Find known faces and new emerging talent from different corners of the country perform next to your table at The Piano Works. Inside this oddly pleasant Victorian warehouse setup, you will likely find yourself humming along to your favourite tunes.

Special mention – HipChips

HIPCHIPS is an ode to the humble chips or crisps. All debates, all battles and all differences come to a halt in front of a huge bowl of crisps that come straight from the kitchen, on a conveyer belt. The best bit about HIPCHIPS is the array of oddly satisfying and unidentifiable dips that come with the crisps. Do not forget to try to Peruvian ceviche before you conclude your crisp binge.

These somewhat fiction-driven, surreal restaurants are gradually changing the way Londoners look at their daily dine-outs. Hop in on the wind of change by visiting these restaurants and trying something new each day.

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