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Optimising Teacher Selection with Psychometric Screening Tests

Psychometric Screening Tests

Screening using written tests and interviews for evaluating the skills and aptitude of the employee we call as psychometric testing. Psychometric evaluation helps the recruiting company to understand the mental and psychological stance of the person. You come to understand how he or she would react in a stressful situation.

Necessity for psychometric testing

Following the murder of a student in a school in Gurgaon CBSE has ordered all schools affiliated to the CBSE to do the psychometric testing for all the teaching and non-teaching staff in the school. The psychometric test for teachers is useful as it measures the ability of the teachers to produce a positive teaching experience.

Recruiting schools can go through the question bank that the software company provides and add some questions of their own. If they have some specific needs in some subject they can add those questions so that the candidates who answer that question will get selected. You can also select different question banks related to specific topics such as cognitive skills, personality profile, or situation judgement.

Test for language and behaviour

Candidates appearing for the teaching staff position will have to show expertise in their subject. The language and behavioural analysis show if they have the fluency in communication which is important for teachers. The test will also assess the teachers in the regions of critical thinking and abstract reasoning as this is one of the useful assets of any teacher. The situation judgement analysis helps the recruiting school to know about the way the candidate handles unforeseen situations.

Software companies provide tests that include psychometric testing for the teachers. If any school wants to recruit teaching or non-teaching staff, they can make use of these tests to find out if the person is a good fit for the job vacancy or not. These software companies provide question banks that deal with many topics related to psychometric testing.

Filtering the candidates

It is easy to see whether the person has responded in a genuine way to the test or is only manipulating the response. This test contains many questions with interlinked answers that will point in the direction and help to identify the right candidate. The test selects only those who in a genuine way fit the role of being a teacher.

Recruiting companies need only add their special needs to the list of questions they get from the software companies. These questions might relate to the curriculum or the school itself or to the method of teaching. When candidates get the answer to these questions right, they get selected.

The test further checks for the verbal and numerical aptitude. The candidates who have more skill and knowledge will score more. The attitude to teaching and the student community will also undergo evaluation. You need this more for the non-teaching staff working at the school. The schools that want more teaching skill from their teaching staff will increase the number of technical questions in the question bank. Then, the candidates will have to answer the questions.

In this way, the schools can get their staff from the list of candidates who applied for the job by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the questions.