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Mesmerizing ‘City of Joy’ ‘Kolkata’

Mesmerizing 'City of Joy' 'Kolkatta'

‘The city of joy’ correctly describes the city with full of happiness and energies ‘Kolkata’ formally known as Calcutta.Architectural heritage, culture, food, music, and people are the specialties of this lively city.You experience a beautiful combination of the native and the western culture and the places like KalighatMandir and Fort William and Victoria Memorial define it true.Apart from these specialties, the variety of food including very delicious and mouth-watering sweets certainly adds up the value.

The tasty Spicy Fish curry, Sandesh, Rasogollas, Kathi roll and puchkas will make you feel in paradise.This city also has sports and literature obsession.The city has underground metros which are the first of this kind in the country. You can get hotels in Kolkata suiting your taste and preference at a reasonable price.

With this brief idea of the city, here is the exclusive list of places to visit when you are in Kolkata next time:

The Victoria Memorial: One of the favourite tourist venues in the city of joy is the famous landmark ‘The Victoria Memorial’. It was built by a famous architect from British Empire ‘Sir William Emerson’ in 1921. Surrounded by the beautiful garden, it has paintings and old artefacts from different regions of the world.It also has a display of paintings of celebrity painters and showcases the collection of rare books, sculptures, stamps and much more of pre-independence era.

Belur Math: It is the international headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission and is said to be constructed in the honour of Ramakrishna Paramhansa.Swami Vivekananda resided and died in this math. His monument is commemorated within the Math premises. The Sri Ramakrishna Temple, Swami Brahmananda Temple, the Old Shrine, Holy Mother Temple, the Samadhi Enclosure, and Swami Vivekananda Temple are an integral part of this math. Regular prayers and spiritual teachings occur here and are attended by visitors.You can pre-book hotels in Kolkatta when you are planning for a visit.

Eden Garden: The place every true cricket fan should know.It is the oldest cricket stadium of Kolkata, witnessing few of the spectacular performances by Indian players .This is often termed as the”Lords of Asia” as it is arguably among the best cricket stadiums in the world and stands at second place in size after Melbourne cricket ground.This is the home ground for many of our famous cricketers including SauravGanguly.

Science city: It is a quite new but yet popular place amongst the tourists.Time Machine, Space Theatre, 3D shows, Natural Science Park, Dynamotion, Evolution Theme Park and Dinosaurs Complex are the main attraction of this science city.It is maintained by the National Council for Science Museums and is alsoamong the largest of its type in South Asian sub-continent. Countrys maiden Large Format Film Theatre called ‘Space Odyssey’ is located here.

This city has its own spirit, be it during Durga Puja period or in the night.The entire city turns in a cultural heaven during the festival season of Durga Puja.You can feel the essence of the city during this period.Apart from this, it has its nightlife centredon the pubs, restaurants, and discotheques with the huge young crowd.