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Manage Your Hack Projects With Hack Point

Manage Your Hack Projects With Hack Point

When hacking electronics and bits of code to invent all a lot of stuff that revolutionize the planet, it is necessary to do the watch, to test versions, to exchange information … it is then painful to realize that it becomes very quickly a brothel not possible sources, end of code, links to components etc. to manage and share

It is in the light of this observation that I developed a small tool called hackpoint.

Hackpoint is a PHP application (free of course) with single-file sqlite database (one-click installation) for storing code, components, readme, schemas and other resources.

It works on the basis of ”  Sketch  ” and ”  Resources “, a sketch being a project, a resource being a piece of code, an electronic component, a diagram etc. related to the skit.

It is possible to make public a read-only sketch, to integrate it to a blog / forum, to export his sketch, to import directly from another hackpoint etc..etc …

The script is obviously responsive and secure by username / password

It is possible to create a sketch of zero, to forker an existing sketch on another hackpoint (from the moment this one is made public) or to import a sketch in hackpoint format (compressed json):

A skit consists of a resource board and a work area for editing / viewing resources.

Images of images can be done in drag & drop.

Several types of resources are available (8 for the moment), each type of resource being highlighted according to its contents (syntax highlight for the code snippet, drag & drop for the images, table js for the components etc

Adding a component can be done directly from a sketch or in the “components” tab, it is possible to link an image, a mark, an average price and a search url for this component.

A skit contains a range of options to make the sketch public / private, to export the skit in compressed json format, to integrate the sketch on blogs / forums, to download all the files in a zipped folder or yet to send existing raw files in the skit (still a little risky that

Hackpoint is available in alpha version HERE , note that I am actively looking for a nice logo if someone wants to try his luck