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Key ideas for weight loss

Key ideas for weight loss

“Weight loss “- words encountered at some point or the other in today’s life; from children, teenagers, middle-aged and the aged. Some are inclined towards it for health reasons as overweight being the main cause of a variety of diseases. Some are inclined to it for fitness reasons. Some are inclined towards it to look fashionable, to have the “perfect abs”.Some are inclined to it as part of their occupation. The key to weight loss is reduction of body fat. Herbal potions, off the shelf supplements, steroids are all talked about for being used for fat loss effects.

A normal person wants to have a lean physique and be fit. Only athletes, body builders or models need a sculpted physique. For effective weight loss, fat loss is the primary aspect. This is done by cutting the calorie intake pairing it with appropriate exercise like weight lifting .It strengths the muscles and improves the metabolism to speed up fat burning. Many recommend High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT) as it enhances the body’s anabolic state. The emphasis is on primarily balanced diet followed by exercise routine and then the supplements or steroids used for fat loss effects.

But once you reach a certain limit, diet and exercise may not burn any more fat. That’s when supplements/steroids come into picture. They increase protein in the cells and promote skeletal muscle growth. These anabolic steroids along with proper diet and exercise regime can help athletes, body builders and models who want to reduce body fat and get sculpted look. But remember they can work wonders only when combined with right diet and exercise regime. They can only boost the fat burning process more efficiently.Also remember we are talking about fat loss and not lean muscle mass which has to be retained to avoid looking shapeless.

Firstly, pay attention to your diet.Remove junk food, excess fat straight away. Have realistic weight loss goals. And review your goals every week.

Fat burners work by suppressing appetite, increase metabolism by increasing body temperature and by blocking absorption of fat by body. The general side effects can be anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure,dehydration.

Some of the commonly used anabolic steroids are Anavar, Winstol, and Clenbutarol.

  • Anavar is an anabolic steroid. Body builders prefer it as it helps in effective fat loss while retaining lean muscle. It is used for cutting cycles. It is a mild drug containing Oxandrolone with very few side effects. Hence preferred by women too. For effective results,diet should be balanced with no excess fat. The better the diet, the better the fat loss results.

            The side effects are hair loss, acne and nausea.

  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) -Though this steroid is widely known by the athlete world for the innumerable scandals it caused, it is considered fairly a mild anabolic steroid.It is found successful in preserving bone mass in osteoporosis.

It is more hepatotoxic (causing liver damage) than Anavar.It can also cause acne,headaches.Long term usage causes liver damage.

  • Clenbutarol directly does not work on the fat cells directly but stimulates the metabolism by increasing body’s temperature.Due to rise in body temperature the person can burn body fat at greater rate.

The side effects are high blood pressure,irregular heartbeat.