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How To Protect Your Roof From The Snow?

Protect Your Roof From The Snow

With the arrival of winter, snow will also appear in some areas and cause a lot of inconvenience and damage in transport as housing. Indeed, snow and roof are not always the best friends. Regular snowfall can damage tiles or slates that cover the roofs of houses and make them porous, which would cause moisture inside the home. A snowy mass on the roof of a house is also a risk for the passers-by or the occupants of the latter if this mass were to come off and fall from the roof. A series of measures can be taken as a preventive measure, such as the waterproofing of its roof to reinforce its watertightness.

Snow and roof: different types of risks

The presence of snow on the roof of a house can cause material damage but also poses a threat to people in the vicinity.

Wear of the roof

The roof is the part of a house most exposed to climatic hazards. It is also in this area that are concentrated the greatest heat loss in a home. Regular snowfall will contribute to the wear of materials and make them more porous and permeable to the cold. Their insulating quality will be greatly reduced over time.

Risk of accidents

When the roofs of houses are congested by the snow, it is possible that the snowy pile is unhooked and falls on a car or a passerby. This can be very dangerous. Generally home insurance contracts cover the damage caused by this snowfall. But it is possible that the owner of the house is declared responsible. Indeed, in some frequently snow-covered areas, municipalities have been able to adopt a municipal by-law requiring the installation of a device to prevent snow from falling from the roof. In this case, the owner of the car or the person affected by the snowfall will be able to turn against the owner.

How to maintain your roof?

To avoid all these inconveniences, it is important to regularly maintain its roof and related equipment. For example, gutters must be controlled to ensure they will allow the flow of melted snow. Waterproofing the roof will prevent the materials that constitute it become porous. As we have already mentioned , do not use bleach to wash your roof. You would only weaken it. Finally, in snow-covered areas, do not hesitate to install snow-retaining devices.