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How to download music on Tubidy

How to download music on Tubidy

 Tubidy is a free music and video download page that belongs to Tubify FM. So if you want many songs both on the PC and mobile and enjoy them whenever you want, this is one of the best options and, besides, it is very easy to use. Forget about copying and pasting YouTube links and discover this more direct and comfortable way to get the best music.

If you want to know how to download music in Tubidy keep reading this article and discover all the steps to have all the songs and videos that you want at your fingertips in a moment.

Steps to follow:

1Before starting to know how to download music with Tubidy, you should have a list of the songs you want to download. When you have an idea of ​​what songs you want to listen to and have saved, you will only have to enter from your computer or mobile device to the browser and enter the Tudiby website. Tubidy is a best website to download every type music like mp3, mp4 etc.

2Once you are on the website of this download site for songs and free streaming videos of Tubify FM, you will see that there is a search bar and that, right below, there are several videos that are the most outstanding of that day because they are the most visited or get likes on social media and highly rated on bing news.

In the search bar type the name of the song or artist you want to see and press Enter or the Search option. Then the web will process your request quickly and you will see the results related to what you have requested.

3 Now that you have the results related to the song or artist that you are interested in, you can now select the one you like by clicking on the name and, this way, this website to download free music will give you the different formats in which you can download the audio or video.

You will have to select the MP3 audio option, normally you have to do it twice before we can continue, and then you will see that a new tab opens with a player or player with the song you have requested.

4In this tab that was just opened with the player or player you have to confirm that it is the song you want to download and, after clicking on the confirmation button, you can verify that it is really the right song by playing the sound with the right button selecting the Play option.

When you are sure that it is the song you are looking for, you will have to select the download option that says “Download all “. Then a folder will be opened so that you can choose what name you want to save the audio or video file and where you want to save it. When you have selected it, you only have to click on the Save option.

5As we have pointed out at the beginning of this article, you can also download free music from your mobile phone with Tubidy. You just have to enter the browser of your mobile device and follow exactly the same steps we have discussed for the computer.

Now that you know how to download music with Tubidy, you may also want to know how to download songs from YouTube.

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