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How To Arouse Envy In The Consumer?

Arouse Envy In The Consumer

The long hours of customer waiting in front of the Apple Stores with each release of a new product have become a classic apple brand. But how does Apple do to arouse so much desire in the consumer is include the customer’s expectation in its marketing strategy ?

Placing the product is its design at the center of the process

If we look at analyzing the marketing strategy of Apple, we quickly realize that the product occupies a prominent place in advertising and all the lines of communication used by the company. The product is self-sufficient, especially by its design. Steve Jobs’s requirement was such that his goods are no longer just mobile phones or computers, but actually become products with a unique design, simple, refined and sophisticated at the same time, almost luxurious. Even the packaging is worked to perfection!

The strength of the brand at the apple is precisely to have put the design at the heart of the product to attract the consumer, then to retain the latter by offering a tool that combines the most powerful technologies and the most ergonomic interfaces on the market .


Create a strong brand universe

In order to reinforce consumer expectations, it remains essential to build a strong brand identity. Apple customers are not just customers but fans of the world of Steve Jobs, from the iPhone to the iPad, including hulls and other accessories.

The slogan “Think different” also seems to show how much Apple has managed to build a powerful brand image by not only selling a product but a way of life. Requiring that Apple products be compatible only between them also impacts the consumer who, when he buys a product of the brand, adheres to a particular universe.

Imagine being associated with their favorite brand, some Apple customers have queued in front of stores for nearly 15 days in New York! Proof that the brand image sometimes counts more than the product you market …



Set high prices to show the quality of your offer

Apple products are true luxury products made by the best engineers and with the best electronic components. The relatively high prices practiced by the brand are not the result of chance. In today’s society and in the mind of the consumer, a pricey product is equivalent to a quality product. By its price, the product becomes a real lust.

Make its employees the brand’s first ambassadors

In the Apple brand strategy, employees remain the first users of the products. One of the recruitment conditions is to love the brand. This allows both to federate its employees around the business project, but also to let them spread the word about the products or services of the company.

Steve Jobs was also the first user of his products and his craze to love his own creations and to transmit this satisfaction during these presentations and on social networks is a marketing strategy in its own right, which contributes to creating a desire for consumer.

Let the rumors run

Apple’s marketing strategy seems based on the notion of silence with a strong desire to maintain secrecy about its products. But not only. The company has become a specialist in rumor marketing, which consists of divulging or letting out some information to the bloggers so that they can relay them and praise the merits of the future product. .

It has happened that some iPhone have been accidentally forgotten in Californian bars and found by powerful bloggers. This gave rise to rumors that the firm did not seek to deny, thus taking advantage of the nascent buzz. This arouses the impatience of fans and the curiosity of new fans who can be convinced.

In 2010, the brand reiterated the rumor process, disclosing the price of the iPad ($ 1,000) through the Wall Street Journal. Steve Jobs will announce the real price a few days later ($ 500), almost getting his product for a good deal.