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Honeymoon to Bali: 3 Most Frequented and 3 Less-explored places!

Honeymoon to Bali

Honeymooning in Bali and not read about resorts that offer privacy with aesthetics? Highly improbable! However, resorts are often secondary to the decision of where to go after landing with your spouse hand in hand (and other hand on the luggage!) If you have already selected a honeymoon package to Bali, then everything is already settled and taken care of. But if you are still in process of finalizing on the destinations you want to cover in your trip, this post can come help you.

Bali Honeymoon Tour

Most Frequented


A holistic and wholesome food capital, everything that can better your perspective to embrace and endorse healthy eating can be found and cherished here. Many couples choose not to think twice and waste valuable time planning the trip but undertake worthwhile activities in a well frequented place. You can also go to art museums and art studios. Best of the resorts can enhance your experience of the place.


Nusa Dua

The most urban, ‘all-inclusive’, star in the Bali honeymoon tour packages is Nusa Dua. You get the beaches, the popular resorts, crowded markets and well-spaced supermarkets. A memorable place for lazy honeymooners, Nusa Dua is often on the itinerary of first time Bali tourists.

Nusa Dua


Luxurious resorts, lavish restaurants, stylish spa and ayurvedic retreats, you name it and Seminyak will have it. You can also enjoy a great night life during your honeymoon. Some of the great memories of this highly promoted and frequented among the many southern Bali gems could be created here.


Lesser-known yet wonderful places


Hidden in the eastern coast, Padangbai is only known to the tourists as their transit point while going to Lombok. If the few glimpse catch interest, some honeymooners do take time out to explore and end up being highly satisfied with their decision to stay. A fishing village, you are in to find your own idyllic spot. Snorkelling and diving are the other options.


Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan

Of course, you would need to go a little offbeat to reach these two places from the mainland, but that’s just okay. Water fun lovers have Lembongan: good diving, snorkelling and surfing. Beautiful beaches could be located on the main south-western coast. Then there is this small island Ceningan connected via bridge to Lembongan. Traditional fishing boats, mangrove forests, seaweed farms, and turtle nesting areas could be easily marked and thoroughly enjoyed.

Nusa Lembongan Ceningan

Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung Water Palaces

These are the palaces in the Karangasem Village and belong to its royal family. Famous but less frequented, only Tirta Gangga, is open for public viewing. It was built in 1946. This hill retreat is spread in 1.2 Hectare. Here you can see pools and ponds fed by mountain springs and some cute fountains enhancing the picturesque quality of beautiful gardens lawns. Taman Ujung on the other hand has a water complex showcasing Balinese architecture merged with the European.

Bali honeymoon tour packages

The above list is definitely not comprehensive and it can’t be when one requires a great amount of time to cover everything worthwhile to see from North to South and East to West to really appreciate his own efforts and good fortune to have found and explored Bali. Get your tour manager talking to spill the beans on what would be the perfect combination on both aspects of Bali Most frequented and less explored to get your customised Bali honeymoon package!