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Find inspiration for a trip

Find inspiration for a trip

Whether you’re dreaming of exotic destinations, staying in the heart of nature or a multi-day adventure in an inhospitable and unusual environment, it’s not always easy to find holiday ideas that meet your requirements. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

On the institutional travelers

If you do not have holiday ideas for you or your family yet, you can turn to the reference sites in the field of travel such as:

The Routard : a portal specialized in travel guides. It provides you with detailed information on many destinations around the world, from the Middle East to Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

You simply choose the geographical area as well as the country that interests you and you discover all the essential information to prepare your trip. There are also country forums where you can find out the opinions of travelers who have returned from each destination. In its heading “Where to go,” the platform briefly presents the possible destinations according to the time of the year, month by month.

Geo : a site that presents to Internet users more than 350 travel guides concerning all the destinations of the world. In addition to countries, it also has many cities and regions to help you choose more easily. Once your choice is established, you will find on this platform various practical tips to enjoy your stay.

Whether you are seduced by the beautiful Irish meadows , skyscrapers New York or Norwegian fjords, discover in a few clicks the advice to enjoy your destination, the festivals that take place there, the perfect time to leave, ideas of gastronomy as well as the must-see museums.

Idea search engines

Broken holiday ideas? TripAdvisor can, in a few clicks, give you inspiration for your next romantic getaway, your family vacation or your sports trip. Simply enter your travel preference and the continent you want to visit on this portal, which receives more than 315 million visitors monthly. You immediately discover a number of destinations that match your criteria as well as flights, hotels and vacation rentals on site.

The main advantage of Tripadvisor is that it collects the opinions of travelers. Indeed, all the people who have visited a country or a city are invited to note on 5 as well the flights which serve the destination as the hotels, the restaurants, the beaches or the parks of attractions. When you choose a particular destination, you will also find a list of the activities and places that garnered the highest ratings from users.

These returns from other travelers will give you an idea of the site or services offered by a provider on site. Tripadvisor has nearly 200 million reviews and opinions from travelers around the world. This will avoid unpleasant surprises, such as a hotel without hot water or without WiFi if you are a connected traveler , while the brochure you have in your possession says the opposite!

On blogs and travel forums

All globetrotters and frequent flyers will tell you that the key to a successful trip is good preparation. Forums and blogs from travelers like E-Voyageur allow you to discover good deals, access to good addresses and practical advice that will make your stay enjoyable. You can also read travel diaries, which are a mine of both positive and negative information about your destination.

In general, travel blogs are a wealth of information to help you find inspiration for your next vacation. The author recounts from time to time his stay, using a vocabulary of every day. He often writes with his soul, far from any commercial or advertising spirit, just to share with you the experiences he has had on the spot, the good plans as well as the places to avoid or the attitudes to be avoided. All this information is illustrated by photos taken on the spot by the blogger, additional incentive to get to your turn on site.

And, as everyone has their holiday tastes and expectations, there are many specialized blogs that meet the requirements of every traveler. You are sure to always discover on the web the blog of a globetrotter that fits your profile, whether you are a fan of sports, scuba diving, archeology, museums, gastronomy, travel between girls or family, or you are passionate about a particular country or city.