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Drugs For Weight Loss: Why Are They Ineffective?

Drugs For Weight Loss: Why Are They Ineffective

In Europe, about 20% of adults are overweight or obese. The diet pills , slimming recipes, fad diets and other miracles slimming products are increasing every year. Pharmaceutical companies have not missed out on this lucrative market. Every year, they release new miracle pills that are supposed to lose weight.

The drugs for losing weight are not effective

This is particularly the case for the laxatives market . Indeed, they do not lose weight especially since we mainly lose water and therefore mineral salts such as sodium, potassium and bicarbonates. Many risks result from it such as hyponatremia and hypokalemia as well as hypotension and heart problems.

The drugs called appetite suppressants are well known to the general public: anorectics, which have since been largely removed from the market. They caused many undesirable or even fatal effects. Although most of them are quickly removed from the market, pharmaceutical companies are still launching hunger cuts that are dangerous for health.

Another dangerous scam for health are fat burning food supplements . They are composed of caffeine and contain many dangerous molecules that, again, are potentially lethal.

How to lose weight without these means of substitution that deteriorate health?

It is important to eat enough. To starve yourself will not lose weight. Indeed, the body will end up in a “state of famine” and will first store the fats in order to overcome the various deficiencies. Reducing the portions on your plate is a good idea, but skipping a meal is totally discouraged. If you practice a sport intensively, do not deprive yourself especially during meals.

Michel Desmurget, scientist and neurobiologist gives in his book The anti-diet all the keys to lose weight. It is recommended to forget prepared products and focus on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It should be noted that animal products may very well be replaced by a combination of legumes and whole grains . Dairy products, rich in saturated fats, can easily be substituted for products of plant origin such as oat or almond milk.

After your workout, or in case of hypoglycemia, a banana and a handful of almonds will be your best allies. Sugary drinks are also not recommended in the case of a healthy diet. Coconut water is allowed at a rate of a glass from time to time.

The time when you will be most likely to crack and forget your diet will be summer. Difficult not to take a glass or two of wine with a few chips. Remember, however, that it’s important for a diet to be fun. If you want to start a diet but it frustrates you, you will take no pleasure and you will yield much more easily to any kind of temptation. So be prepared: during an aperitif with friends, plan vegetable sticks with a dressing sauce or homemade yoghurt sauce. This will quickly fill your stomach and the chips will be quickly forgotten.

Starting a diet is therefore easy, especially if you leave with good will. The most difficult will be to stick to it while having fun.