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Dealing with Depression during Puberty; Learn from Jonathan Lauter MD

Dealing with Depression during Puberty; Learn from Jonathan Lauter MD

Children are as delicate as flowers, they need love and care and a whole lot of patience, on the part of the parents to be able to bring up socially, morally and ethically correct children. The way you bring up your child is, in a way, your small contribution to give back to the society in return for what it has given to you. Jonathan Lauter MD, a doctor from New York has his own private practice in Manhattan and is a specialist in child and adolescent psychology.

His years of experience into the minds of these fragile gifts of God has made him an expert in understanding their minds thoroughly and as a consequence helping parents comprehend in how to deal with their children in the proper way. Understanding the thought processes of children is a mammoth task, if you ask any parent; it is surprising to know that the one who gave birth to the particular girl or boy, is now unable to figure out what he/she needs the most.

The inability of the parents to be able to empathize with their children, have often led to adverse effects on the mind and eventually the life of the child. This is the reason the moment you think you are no longer being able to get a hold of the situation between you and your adolescent child, you should at once seek professional help from psychiatrists like Jonathan Lauter MD. You should do this always before it is too late, for once a damage is done, it becomes almost impossible to reverse it.

Studies have revealed that any child who goes through puberty or adolescence at a speed, are more likely to go into a depression and develop anxiety disorders. This is why it is suggested that the parents or guardians of such children closely monitor the behavior of the child without the child realizing the same. It could be confusing and quite a difficult task for the adults because more often than not all adolescents so some erratic behavior during their puberty.

But that should not make you take a back seat, you have to constantly remain at it and not lose patience. The magic tool while handling a child of puberty is most definitely Patience. However, along with it, there are a few pointers which if followed properly by the guardian can help avoid a lot of unwanted episodes in the life of an adolescent.

Anger, hopelessness, feelings of unworthiness are some of the common ways in which an adolescent exhibits his or her depression. The parent should always be alert and take notice of these things, you should just be like a guardian angel to your child, i.e. remain with them all the time taking notes of how he/she is and yet not making it known to them blatantly.

It is important for parents to know that during puberty, a child is struggling to accept the physical and hormonal changes taking place within them and in the bid they start to feel that the others around them are also not accepting them for what they have suddenly become. It is in this battle of theirs that they need your constant love and support.

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