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B.Tech Lateral Entry is an Excellent Choice to be Successful in the Professional Field

One of the most preferred under-graduation courses in India is engineering. Researches revealed that most of the students, who have completed their 12th grade in science stream, appear for the engineering entrance exam, hoping to get enrolled into a reputed institute of the country. It is due to the fact that this particular course program will not only help them to sketch a successful career graph, but also will assist them to contribute for the positive development of the society. Apart from that, there are various other advantages of earning this degree. Engineering professionals contribution of knowledge and skill sets is not limited to their respective industry because they can work in various sectors as per the requirements of the projects. As a result, the demand for engineering professionals is increasing along with the needs of the industry as well as the society. And for this reason, more and more students are wiling to pursue the course in order to try their luck in the professional field.

However, the scenario at present is a little different. Due to a huge of number of candidates, there is a tough competition in the professional field. So, nowadays, recruiters seek for those engineering candidates, who have the capability to offer effective solution for complex problems. In such case, practical knowledge and skill sets play a major role for impressing the recruiters. So, if you have the passion and interest in technical sector, then you must definitely pursue an engineering course. But, in order to stand unique among the crowd, you should opt for BTech Lateral Entry (LE). Being an aspiring engineering student, you can apply for B. Tech LE and the program will allow you to pursue B.Tech course from the second year of the regular B. Tech program. Nevertheless, you are required to pursue diploma course after completing your 10th grade in order to apply for lateral entry.

Even though there is no significant academic difference between the regular engineering program and B.Tech LE, B.Tech LE students get an added advantage of completing the course within three years. And as far as the job opportunities are concerned, both the graduates experience excellent career scope. But, the B.Tech LE students can reap more benefits from their diploma education. Since, the diploma course program can be pursued immediately after completing 10th grade, so it allows students to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject-matter in advance. This assists those particular graduates share much of their practical experiences in the professional field, which is very much the need of the hour. Hence, B. Tech LE graduates along with their diploma course enjoy numerous job opportunities as compared to the regular engineering graduates.

When it comes to the BTech admission for diploma holders, renowned institutes enroll students on the basis of the entrance exams, conducted by the same institutes. Nonetheless, you are supposed to score required percentage in order to sit for the entrance exam.

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