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Alton Ingram -Reasons to Play Football for Health

Alton Ingram -Reasons to Play Football for Health

Most people living in America enjoy watching a live football match on their televisions every evening. However, you may aware the health and psychological benefits of participating in this sport. It goes a long way in improving your aerobic fitness level. Prominent sports experts in the country say as a form of exercise, football meets all the requirements set out by the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’. They go on to point out that playing this sport can be beneficial of people of all ages, body type, physical size and maturity levels. However, they advise individuals to take their approval of their doctors before participating.

Alton Ingram –  Benefits of playing football most people are unaware of

Alton Ingram is a popular engineering student from Idaho in America, who enjoys watching and participating in football matches. His other passions include listening to alternative rock music, working out in the gym, go to the movies and studying mathematics. He points out the following essential 3 benefits of playing this popular sport that may come as a surprise to most people in the country:

  1. Health benefits

Football is basically a team sport that involves plenty of running around, sprinting and carrying out drills. Taking part in this kind of aerobic exercise helps you to burn plenty of calories. This works wonders for your cardiovascular health in the long-run. This makes you less likely to be vulnerable to various lifestyle diseases other people may suffer from as they grow old. These include heart ailments, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lung diseases, diabetes and other severe chronic disorders.

  1. Fitness

To play football on a regular basis helps you improve your speed, endurance, muscle power, flexibility and agility. This helps you to be proficient in tackling and carrying out various defensive movements. In fact, prominent experts say people who play this sport develop lean muscle mass and maintain an ideal body weight. They are also unlikely to indulge in unhealthy habits in comparison to individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Psychological benefits

Like all team sports, football has its own distinct set of rules and regulations which all participants need to follow. As a player, you need to abide by the instructions your team coach gives you both on and off the field. This goes a long way in developing your emotional temperance, concentration and self-confidence. The highly competitive nature of this popular American sport helps you to take disappointment in your stride, overcome shyness and learn good sportsmanship qualities. In fact, studies show children who play football regularly at school have better social skills and a less prone to depression than their classmates.

Alton Ingram say above 3 benefits of football are not the only reason why you should take the initiative to participate in it. You also learn certain vital skills that go a long way in making a better human being and a productive member of society. These include teamwork, selflessness, time-management, leadership, being a goal-getter and cooperation. No wonder student who play this sport in school and college are able to achieve high grades and are less prone to risky behavior.

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