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6 Common Health Problems Faced By Senior People

Common Health Problems

When you are 80 years old, you may not look or feel as you used to when you were 20 years old. But, you need to keep in mind that with age, you should take your health more seriously than ever before. Here are some of the common ailments you can face as an old man or woman.

Ailing heart

It is a fact that more than one-quarter of women and one-third of men suffer from one sort of heart disease or the other. By the age of 65, many people die from heart diseases. It is not just the constant ticking of the organ that makes it tired; conditions like, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes also put a lot of stress on the heart. If you live on a healthy vegetarian diet, you may realize that your heart is pretty strong. Also, reducing the consumption of saturated fats, alcohol, and sugar will keep your heart healthy.

Pain in the joints

These days, arthritis has become common. Many people, who are above 60 years, are suffering from bone-related problems. One of the most taxing forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis. In this condition, the cartilage present between the joints begins to shrivel, with age. If you have ever been injured badly, have bad genes, excessive weight or even smoke, the problem can dawn even before you turn 60. In osteoarthritis, it is not just your hips that suffer; joints in hands, knees, spine, and feet are also affected. You may opt for certain exercises, such as tai chi or swimming to help with your mobility and flexibility of joints. Some pain relieving medicines can also address the pain temporarily.

Low immunity

As you grow old, your immune system becomes weak. You may catch a cold, pneumonia or even tuberculosis faster than a younger person. Around 90% of the people expiring in a year is over 65 years old.  Another condition that can hit your immune system is AIDS, which is often tested by the Elisa assay. The results of the test, also called Elisa assay results, can tell you if your blood sample has antigen or antibody.


This is one of the most common ailments that an old man or woman suffers from. Whether it is the lack of activities or the decreasing importance in the family, old people find a source of depression in almost everything. They often feel that they are not being included in family decisions and this makes them depressed.  As a result, they may start to drink, develop joint pain, have mood swings or even fall sick.


If you are a patient of diabetes as a senior citizen, it might be because you already had it when you were young. But, as you grow old, keeping track of the blood sugar level in your body becomes imperative. Diabetes can be a slow killer, as you may develop conditions like kidney failure, blindness, and heart disease in the course of time.

Vision problems

The gift of vision is a unique one and everyone is grateful to the Almighty for that. But, as you age, your eyesight becomes weak and you have to take up spectacles. Go for periodic checkups to the doctor. This practice will help to identify loss of color vision, halos, blurred sight, narrowing of vision, double vision, and other such problems.


It can be said that while aging is a constant process, it is also true. If you can keep yourself fit, you will be able to stay happy and joyful. You can also avoid some of the most familiar age-related diseases by trying to live a careful and monitored life.

Author Bio – Mary Ocean is a health worker. She has worked in several old-age homes and seen senior citizens suffer. She tries to treat them as per their test results, such as Elisa assay results and more.

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