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5 Ws About Land Surveying You Must Know

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You may think that you know everything about your land or property. However, there is a lot you want to know about the area. You should have the legal description of your property whether it is a residential property or commercial property. There are many questions one wanted to know about the profession of a surveyor. The occupation of a surveyor is complicated though, but he efficiently fulfils his duties leaving his client fully satisfied. Following some of the questions are given with the detailed answers which will clear your ambiguity.


What is the significance of and surveying?

There is a myth among people that land surveying is not a necessary thing for a property, but their knowledge land surveying is essential. What if you have built a property and it is subjected to the flood in the very first rain? What if you have installed along the fence to protect your property, and later on you realised that the fence has exceeded to your neighbours property? What if you have constructed a new pool after a great effort and all you get to know by your neighbours that it is on their property too? All seems to be extreme! It shows that you need to have a proper survey of your property. It saves you from having an escape from unwanted legal issues.

When should your property be surveyed?

As the property survey is necessary for your property, you must know that when the proper time to get surveyed is? There are certain times when you should do a decent survey. The rural surveyors in Worcestershire will guide you about the details when your property needs to be surveyed. The most crucial time of property survey is when you purchase a new property. You must know precisely about the property line or boundary, no matter the property is small or a huge one. Moreover, it can also tell you that whether you are paying the assessed tax on property or not. Following some events are mentioned when you need to have a proper land survey.

  • Purchasing land
  • Installing any additions to your
  • Building a new home, dam, tunnel, road, or driveway
  • Splitting area into smaller sections
  • Removing structures

Who should survey your property?

It is also an important question to be answered. If you want to make a survey report of your land, you must hire the most eligible surveyor for property analysis. You can talk recommendations of your relatives or friends in this regard. They can tell your various options. Moreover, always hire a surveyor who is certified by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). It is an organisation that endorses surveyors to have a survey on the land, property and construction sectors. The persons who are accredited by the RICS are professional and have a proper experience of land surveying. Such people will not disappoint you. They will make you satisfied with their services. Therefore, always try to hire the best property surveyor for your property.

Why should you do a property Survey?

You have gone through the importance of land surveying. Now all you want to know is that why you are bound to make a proper surveying report? There are specific reasons behind this question. The most common purpose of creating a survey report is that the landowner wants to know about the boundary lines of their property. The surveyor will tell you about the conditions imposed by the law on the landowner such as the right of easements, abandoned roads etc. They will make a list of all the improvements that your property requires. They will also inform you about the existing underground cables and drains. If you want to purchase a new property, then you must have a property survey which can let you know about every defect on the land. You can make related changes then. The survey report can also tell you that whether there is a physical vehicular ingress and egress to an open public street.

What to do with a survey of a land?

A chartered surveyor has to perform a lot of duties. He needs to analyse the property from every angle. He will tell you the boundaries of your property. You can get to know about the length and width of the land. The property surveyor can tell you about all the defects of your property. In this way, you can have the regarding improvements to your home or office. The surveyor can also tell you about the future problems your property can face. He can give you a detailed prospective survey report. A surveyor accredited by RICS will not disappoint you at all.


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