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5 Theme Party Ideas to Rock This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine Day celebrations are unique for every couple. The type of celebration however might vary depending on the choice of the couple. Some of us like to have a private event, and others might love throwing a lavish party so that everyone has a great time together.

And those who are planning to have a lively and eventful party this Valentine’s Day are surely looking out for some special themes to make the celebration worth it. Apart from making the party a public event, you can even plan a big party for just you and your love with the same theme ideas which might include cakes, flowers, valentine’s Days gifts and lots and lots of romance, love, passion.

Here is a mention of some amazing themes for such parties which can help you create moments which can be cherished lifelong:

  1. Red Theme

Well, red is the color of love, passion and romance. You can plan a beautiful and romantic dinner date with an amazing red theme, or you can plan a party with the friends, of you both with the same theme. The heart shaped red velvet cake, some amazing red flowers arranged in a heart shaped bouquet, soft, velvety red personalized cushion and much more is there to make the celebration worth it. You can also add some special customized gifts to add that personal touch to the gifts.

  1. Rose Theme

Roses are always considered to be one of the best gifts when it comes to expressing love. This Valentine’s Day surprise your love with a room decorated with thousands of roses, a cake with frosting of creamy roses and a huge bouquet of red roses. You can even go with some unique colors of roses arranged in a beautiful arrangement.

  1. Heart Theme

Heart shaped theme is loved by most of us, as this is one of the most heartfelt gestures where you can convey your feeling without any words. Add a heart shaped yummy cake of your lovers’ favorite flavor and a heart shaped personalized cushion in the celebration to woo your love.

  1. Teddy Theme

Express your love in the cutest way this V-day with some soft toys. You can go with the teddy bear bouquets and decorate the room with some cute soft toys with a message on each of them. You can also order a teddy bear cake for your love to make the party memorable. Along with the flower bouquet the bouquets which have small adorable teddy bears is something we all fall for, so make sure that you add every element of cuteness to the party with such gifts.

  1. Chocolate Theme

Chocolate theme spreads the sweetness all over the place and makes everyone indulge in this flavor of love. Add chocolate cakes, liquid chocolates, personalized chocolates and everything in this theme to make the party more romantic. You can always surprise your love with a personalized photo cake with a cute photo on it and make sure that for this theme you go with the chocolate flavor.

So, choose a theme according to the choices of your lover and make the event memorable.

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